Vote Yes on C!

The Homeless Crisis Hurts All Of Us

    • It is time to tackle the humanitarian and public health crisis of homelessness.

    • Prop C will be funded by the city’s very largest corporations – many of whom just received a huge tax break from Donald Trump. This top 1% will pay a small additional tax averaging one-half of one percent on revenue greater than $50 million per year.



Prop C is a bold plan to tackle San Francisco’s homeless crisis

    • Create permanent housing

    • Target the mental health crisis head-on

    • ✔ Increase the number of sanitary public bathrooms

    • Create housing security for San Franciscans at risk due to health problems, domestic violence, fire, temporary income loss, and other emergencies

    • Eliminate the shelter waitlist

    • Keep our streets clean and healthy

    • Ensure visible outcomes with strong built-in accountability measures

Prop C is comprehensive — integrating both upstream and downstream interventions into a bold, holistic plan.


Endorsed by: Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Jackie Speier, San Francisco School Board, Sierra Club, The San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC), GLIDE, San Francisco Tenants Union, and more.


Vote Yes on C for San Francisco to make real progress, resulting in an improved quality of life for all San Franciscans. Vote Yes on C because the homeless crisis hurts all of us.