Prop C is a bold plan to tackle San Francisco’s homeless crisis.

San Francisco Prop C is comprehensive, integrating both upstream and downstream interventions into a holistic plan. Prop C uses proven approaches that we already know work.

Where We Are Now

Of course you know we won — and we were sued. Actually we didn’t get sued, the City and County got sued, because Prop C didn’t get 2/3 of the vote (just 61%! Hooray!)  

Proposition 218 (passed in 1996) requires some tax increases to get a 2/3 vote to pass.  The anti-tax group Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association say the 2/3 threshold should apply to all tax increases, and so they sued to stop Prop C from taking effect.

The good news is, we keep on winning. The Trial Judge found in our favor. His decision is likely to be appealed, and we’ll see where that goes.  We’ll keep you up to date.

In the meantime, Our City Our Home has applied to become a longer-termed organization, a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organization, to make sure our voice is heard in the legal process, and to see if Proposition C will required some follow-up ballot measures.

Our new Governing Documents, Conflict of Interest Policy, and 501(c)(4) tax return are available to the public. Call our Secretary-Treasurer at (415) 824-5963.

News & Updates

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