Our City Our Home will be on the November 2018 ballot as Prop C. Vote Yes on C!

Our City Our Home

The Key to Addressing Homelessness

It is time for all of us to have secure housing in the city we love. This measure creates the “Our City Our Home Fund” which would provide the comprehensive funding to help San Francisco make a huge leap forward in addressing homelessness with real solutions. The “Our City Our Home Fund” will allow San Francisco to make real progress on homelessness, progress that will be evidenced by a marked reduction of suffering on our streets, resulting in increased safety and quality of life for all San Franciscans.

Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to addressing homelessness, “Our City Our Home” makes a large investment in the services we need to comprehensively address homelessness among all populations: youth, families with children, single adults, and people experiencing substance use disorders and mental illness.

This measure is about permanent solutions               

At least 50% of the fund or $150 million must go to housing

Housing solves homelessness!  This would pay for construction, rehab, prevention and operating subsidies of approximately 4,000 units of housing and mandates that families and youth are served.  Our goal is to house all those who are currently experiencing long term or chronic homelessness, are sick, or who are families with children or youth.

This measure will transform our severely underfunded mental health and substance abuse system

At least 25% or $75 million targeting this population

This is funding for public health to use on intensive wrap around services, street-based care, treatment, drop in services, residential facilities, and housing that targets our people suffering the most from mental illnesses and addiction.

This measure will close the entry way into preventable homelessness

At most 12% of the fund or $40 million will be for preventing homelessness

This would ensure 7,000 households get legal assistance, permanent or temporary subsidies to stay in their housing, or other forms of help they need to stay housed, such as help with electrical or other bills.

This measure will eliminate the shelter waitlist and help keep our streets clean.

At most 10% or $30 million used for immediate needs

This measure will pay for 1,075 new shelter beds/navigation center beds as well as help keep our streets clean by funding dignified bathrooms and showers.